A rundown what the players wants and what the Red Sox are offering:

Kevin Youkilis: Ask – $3.7mm Bid – $2.525mm
Kyle Snyder: Ask – $1.025m Bid – $725k.

Javier Lopez signed a 1 year, $840k deal avoiding arbitration.

Based on the numbers above, the Youkilis deal has the potential to be the messiest. That is a fairly large gap. Trying my best to take emotions out of it, I would say Youkilis is a good player, but not your protype 1b who hits for a ton of power. His value lies in his defense, his on-base ability and his fundemental play. With his numbers, I would guess Youkilis will never be more than an $8mm – $10mm a year player in this market (i.e. with baseball’s crazy inflation, I can’t predict the future). So if the Red Sox give him $3.7mm, they are just a year or 2 away from that $8-10mm figure. My guess is that they will tell him here’s $3mm, take it or we’ll see you in arbitration. I think the Red Sox would win too.

Not much to offer up in the Johan Santana drama. Hurry up and wait.

The Red Sox and MLB did announce the start time for the Red Sox opener: 6:07am(EST) on March 25th.