Now’s The Time

Arbitration figures were exchanged today between players and ballclubs. Chien-Ming Wang asked for $4.6 million while the Yankees offered $4 million and Cano asked for $4.55 million while the Yankees offered $3.2 million. (The Yankees also announced that they reached a deal with Wilson Betemit for $1.165)

I’ve said it before and I will say it again, now is the time to sign Cano and Wang to long-term deals. Wang is going to be a bargain next season at $4 or $4.6 million, but assuming he has a similar year like 2007 he will earn at least twice that in 2009. Why not offer him 4 years and $26 million or so now?

With Cano I would go even longer. Why not offer him a six-year deal? Start with Carlos Pena’s new deal (3 years/$24 million) and go from there. Would 6 years/$55 million or so do it? I would find out if I were the Yankees. Otherwise, they will just keep signing escalating one-year deals like they did with Jeter and Bernie many years ago.