The Most Important Red Sox Move Ever

The Red Sox, according to sources, are close to re-signing Doug Mirabelli to a 1-year, $500k deal which includes incentives that could boost the total deal to $1mm for 2008.

Once this deal is done, I think the Red Sox have assured themselves of…um…another season with really bad hitting from the back-up catcher.

BTW, the sources? The Boston Globe and RotoWorld.

I joke, but at the same time I cry as Mirabelli isn’t what he used to be. In the past, he was the guy that could handle Wakefield and could also slug .450 or so, but recently he has been of the sub .400 slg variety. His defense is still there but the time is quickly coming where the Red Sox need to figure out their catching future. Jason Varitek is good, but he is old for a catcher and we cannot expect him to last forever. The problem now is that Boston has not done a good job grooming catchers, even the ones they trade for. George Kottaras has been a distaster since Boston acquired him for David Wells in 2006. Seriusly, the minute he landed in the Eastern time zone, he has stunk.

Boston also has Mark Wagner at A+ ball in Lancaster CA. His stats were great there, but mine would have been too. I was scared of the ball in high school and even I would have had a .800+ OPS in Lancaster. With Wagner likely moving up in 2008, the real test will begin as he had never hit as well as he did in Lancaster prior to arriving there.

I’ve covered this topic before, but I can’t stress it enough, the Red Sox are fooling themselves if they think things will be ok when Varitek finally loses it or gets hurt.

Be well JRT.