A Peek Behind The Curtain?

Joel Sherman breaks some new ground on the endless Santana rumors when he suggests in today’s Post that it is Hal Steinbrenner and not Hank who is preventing the Yankees from completing the deal.

We haven’t heard much at all about Hal, but we should remember that both Hank and Hal were supposed to take over for their father. The way Sherman has it, Hal is the guy in charge of the budget and he doesn’t want to splurge on Santana at this point.

That’s fine with me and if you look at the Yankees this offseason, they have tried to avoid throwing a lot of money around. When you add up the deals they have announced, (Pettitte, Posada, Rivera, A-Rod, Molina, Hawkins) they have added $7 million to the payroll from last season. Now, they will have to pay a lot more to Wang and Cano in arbitration, but it is also probably safe to assume that Clemens won’t get a huge deal next May. That means that overall, spending should be down again in 2008. Subtract the $81 million coming off the books after 2008 and the Yankees are definitely heading in a different direction from the spending sprees of the past.