Shut Up!

It’s bad enough hearing all the excuses flying around, but now Curt Schilling has joined the party, suggesting that Roger Clemens give back his awards won since 1997.

Yes, the same Curt Schilling who was called before Congress in 2005 to testify about the drug problem in baseball because of comments he had made and when he had the chance, told Congress he had “grossly overstated it” (the problem)

Schilling also stated at those hearings in regards to the drug testing in baseball, “If there are loopholes….we will close them.” (2-1/2 years later, that still hasn’t happened)

If Frank Thomas, the ONLY active player who helped the Mitchell investigation would like to offer any suggestions, I am all ears. Otherwise, all the active players who didn’t and Curt who didn’t follow up on his promises, should zip it. Is Clemens guilty? It certainly seems like it, but how many other guilty players are out there who didn’t get named? How can we ever sort out what record should be expunged if we don’t know the full extent of the juicing? Richard Nixon was impeached, but he is still listed as the President from 1969-1974. Historians of baseball will have to cast a wide net over the last 20 years and the next few until the testing is real and it will forever be known as the steroids era. Judge the numbers with caution, that’s the reality of all of this.