Kudos to Jimmy over at MVN for being on this story early and here’s a link to a newspaper source, but it sounds like the Yankees are going to sign Mark Loretta.

Now Loretta is certainly an upgrade at the utility position over a Miguel Cairo, but I am confused over this move. Now maybe the Yankees are getting smart and are going to “only” carry 11 pitchers, but if they don’t, someone has to go. Figure a bench right now of Giambi, Betemit, Duncan and Molina allows 12 pitchers to be carried. Now, I have no complaints with carrying 11 pitchers, it just surprises me. If they did that, you would have great coverage at all positions with the addition of Loretta, but isn’t he very similar to Wilson Betemit?

You can also go to the darker implications of this move like Jimmy did. Is this a prelude to Cano being thrown into the Santana mix? I’m not sure, Loretta isn’t exactly a spring chicken and the Yankees don’t usually make that type of move without a replacement in mind. The 2009 free agent class isn’t bustling with an obvious candidate at second and I don’t think Alberto Gonzalez has shown that he will hit enough that you can count on him. But, I think that if they sign Loretta, it means there will be another shoe to drop. Let’s hope it’s not Cano.