I Want To Play Poker With Jorge

In case you missed it, Jorge Posada’s new contract was announced today. Among the quotes he offered were:

When asked about Johan Santana, “”We need a No. 1. I would love to have him.”

When asked about Andy Pettitte, “Right now, he’s leaning toward retirement. I’ve been talking to him. I try to call him every week. It’s tough. He’s got a tough decision to make.”

So, with two questions he further confirmed the Twins’ suspicions that the Yankees really need/want Santana and he gave an update on Pettitte that makes the Yankees look even more desperate. Couldn’t someone from the Yankees have prepped him ahead of time and gotten him to answer the questions like this?

When asked about Johan Santana, “He’s a wonderful pitcher and I would love to be his teammate, but we have to make a trade that makes sense for the whole club.”

When asked about Andy Pettitte, “I talk to him frequently and I don’t know what he is going do. Most of all, I think he needs some time to think about things before deciding.”

I know, Jorge was just being honest, but a little less candor may have helped things.