The Details Emerge

Murray Chass of the Times has the details on the incentives that have held up the biggest contract in professional sports.

I have to say, I hate Curt Schilling, I think the guy is about the biggest ass in baseball, but you have to give the guy a ton of credit. When he went to Boston, he negotiated a bonus based on winning the World Series. Considering the losing streak that franchise was on at the time, that was a gutsy bet. And yes, he backed it up in spades.

Compare that to this, $6 million for each of five individual accomplishments. The problem is, you have to fault the Yankees too. As the story says, “He will get the marketing money in exchange for making certain appearances linked to his home run milestones over and above what players are required by their contracts to do.” That means that the Yankees are going to go to Steiner Sports and market the hell out of this. You can expect bases, bats, balls, lineup cards, jerseys, probably even the cup he wore, to be marketed by the team after each milestone home run. Fans will shell out big bucks and basically that money will be divided into two parts.

My question to Hankenstein is this- what is the ultimate goal here, money or championships? This contract has me confused and disgusted.