That Was Fast

Check out this report in the Journal News tonight.  That is a great spot for them both and I hope they have a lot of success.   I just hope A-Rod doesn’t join them.

And, if you were wondering, the Yankees are not scheduled to play the Dodgers next season.  But they will come to New York May 29th to play the Mets.  Of course the NL does come to Yankee Stadium for the All-Star Game.

UPDATE 12:35am- Joe Torre was just on Letterman and David asked him about going to LA.  Torre’s response was:  "There has been a time or two when something that’s been in the newspaper hasn’t been true.  There is nothing to any of it, so far."  (Keep in mind, they usually film these shows around 5-6pm. 

With that, I am going to bed.