Boston Red Sox – 2007 World Series Champions

Wow, so many New Englanders just won free furniture from Jordan’s.  That’s what this World Series win is all about, free furniture.  All all of the nation won free tacos too.  That’s right, coast to coast, free tacos.

Ok, it feels good to have a 2nd Championship in 4 years too.

I think Tom Werner said it best (I can’t believe I just said that) when during the postgame ceremony, that 2004 was for all Red Sox fans of present and past while this one was for the fans today proving that the Red Sox could do it again.

MVP – Mike Lowell

Not a bad pick.

So many others contributed both this postseason and all season long.  Lowell, Okajima, Papelbon, Ortiz, Ramirez, Pedroia, Youkilis, Beckett and Francona.  I’m not sure what I’m writing about right now as it takes a team, from top to bottom and no one individual makes a team.

Soak it in Red Sox fans and stake out your spot on the victory parade (whether on the street or on your couch…or Tivo).

All the worry about blowing the AL East lead, signing J.D. Drew to an outrageously large contract, Julio Lugo stinking to start the year, getting down 3-1 to Cleveland, that worry can all be dismissed.  The Red Sox won the World Series.

Hats off to Bobby Kielty too as his home run, extending the lead to 3 runs, was the winning run.  Jon Lester too.

One last note before I sign off.  Just what was Fox thinking when they decided Game 4 of the World Series was a good time to spend 15 minutes talking about Alex Rodriguez?  If baseball is supposed to mean anything, isn’t it insulting to Rockies fans, Red Sox fans and baseball fans in general to talk about a guy and his opting out of a contract during a tense part of the World Series?  Alex Rodriguez and his agent Scott Boras called Fox reporter/columnist Ken Rosenthal during the game to get maximum publicity for ARod’s cause.  What a joke.  Boras obviously doesn’t respect the game if he felt tonight was the appropriate time to let the world know of his client’s intentions.

I know, it’s all about money for Boras and ARod.  Enjoy your money Alex and your mercenary approach to baseball.  And if you think he has really opted out of this deal, you might not have ever been involved in a negotiation.  Boras is using his leverage on this one don’t forget he has 10 days from now to officially decide.  Joe Buck and Tim McCarver, just when I thought I could stand you two, you take the ARod story and run with it.  Poor timing lads.

Now that the season is over, feel free to talk about it, but not during the World Series.  Alright, rant over.  I do hope Fox doesn’t hold lifetime rights to MLB playoffs though.

Be safe Red Sox fans and find a way to safely enjoy this win.