Still Standing

That was quite a game.  Phil Hughes showed why he is going to be a very, very good starter for the next 10+ years and the Yankees survived a horrible start by Roger Clemens.  Kudos to Damon for a home run that totally turned things around and kudos to Alex Rodriguez for getting two hits to shut everyone up.

Now, the Yankees have some interesting choices to make.  Torre announced the first big one tonight in his postgame press conference, Chien-Ming Wang will start for New York.  Eric Wedge is sticking to Paul Byrd and this is obviously a matchup the Yankees should be able to take advantage of.  

Bigger than that is the decision of what to do with Clemens.  Under the new rules, Clemens can be replaced on the ALDS roster tomorrow, but it would mean he cannot pitch in the ALCS.  If I were the Yankees, I make the move.  The ALCS is something to worry about after Wednesday, go get Kennedy back from his wedding and add him to the roster. 

Tomorrow night should be electric in the Bronx and I can’t wait for the game.  Talk to you Monday.