Red Sox – 2007 AL East Division Champs

The Red Sox broke a 13 year death grip on the AL East title tonight.  Good for them.

For those local, it was an interesting experience via NESN.  The Red Sox won at 9:50 pm or so and the Baltimore Orioles beat the Yankees at 10:57 pm.  Red Sox fans stayed at Fenway to watch the Orioles/Yankees game on the big screen for over an hour (as did many at home).  NESN didn’t have the rights to the O’s/Yanks game, so they showed the crowds (in both Fenway and the clubhouse) and provided game updates after each at bat.  Tom Caron and NESN cameras probably broke MLB’s TV rules against "redistribution" by showing TV’s and scoreboards showing the actual game.

It was a great scene.  The only negative, and it was a light hearted, yet scaring negative, was when the NESN cameras went into the Red Sox clubhouse to watch the celebration.  Jonathan Papelbon decided to prepare for the event by wearing very little below the belt.  He must have known the NESN camera’s were there as well as the NESN reporters.  I guess he just wanted to make a statement.  I’m not sure I will recover from that sight.

I didn’t see Manny Ramirez at all during the celebration which leads me to believe he hightailed it home right after the game not realizing there was a chance to clinch.

Of course we needn’t focus on the disturbing, but rather the fact the Red Sox did indeed hold on and didn’t blow a 14 game lead.  A fun night for the Red Sox and a great issue to have settled with 2 regular season games left.