The Clincher!

I remember being thrilled in 1995 that the Yanees took the wild card because it meant I would finally see Don Mattingly in the playoffs.  1996 made the ’97 wild card seem cheap, but this one is very special to me.  Special because I didn’t think we would ever see it.  21-29 and left for dead, Chase Wright, Matt DeSalvo and 50 starts by rookies during the year, Shelly Duncan, Hughes’ hamstring, Joba and now this. I can’t remember a season like this and once again we can look forward to October. 

Give Joe Torre a lot of credit for this.  Just like Bob Lemon in 1978, Torre provided the right demeanor for this team to thrive.  I don’t know what will happen to Joe, but if this is it, he went out on a high note, no matter what happens from here.  But, that’s for another day, for tonight just sit back and enjoy.