Nice Work

The Yankees did what they needed to, taking 2 of 3 from Seattle and building the wild card lead to three games. With 22 to go, they are in the driver’s seat and now need to put the hammer down. Three games against the Royals while the Mariners and Tigers play each other offers a chance to increase the lead before things get tougher next week.

With the day off today and Monday, the Yankees can play with the rotation a lot. They will use Kennedy, Pettitte and Wang this weekend and then Hughes can start Tuesday against Toronto with Kennedy and Pettitte following him and Wang in line to start the Boston series. That means no Mike Mussina and no Roger Clemens until September 15th in Boston. That’s when the Yankees will have to use one of them or go with someone else. September 15th is the final day of the International League playoffs, so unless Scranton goes the distance, the Yankees will have a number of choices.


My only complaint from last night’s game is a familiar one, what is Rivera doing in that game? I know he hasn’t pitched since Saturday, but Tuesday night Joe used Vizcaino in a blowout and now he is out indefinitely. If Rivera needs work, have him throw on the side, throw BP, throw against a wall, just don’t use him in 10-2 games.


Lastly, is it me or does all the football talk right now annoy you as well? I love football and I will watch tonight’s game, but I head one sports radio guy say that “now baseball is over”. Seriously, I can’t understand that kind of reasoning when you have good wild card races in the AL and NL, and two amazing division races in the NL. Watch football all you want, but don’t knock baseball this time of year.