The Week That Was

The Yankees get humiliated in Detroit Monday, sweep Boston, get humiliated against Tampa Friday and then see the third of their young guns pitch pretty well for a win Saturday. Meanwhile, Seattle loses eight-straight and the Yankees are now two-games up in the wild card. And since I didn’t see a single pitch of any of it, I can’t really say much more about it. But, I do have a few observations from reading box scores.

1- Bravo to the Yankees for benching Mussina after Monday’s pounding and rolling the dice with Kennedy. From what I read, Brian Cashman doesn’t think his innings limit (whatever that may be) will be a concern for the rest of the year, so good for them.

2- Speaking of Mussina, why won’t the Yankees pitch him in relief? If a starter gets bombed, why wouldn’t they call on Moose? I know they are trying to keep him happy, but Johnny Damon and Jason Giambi have shelved their egos, why can’t Mussina be expected to as well?

3- Phil Hughes is struggling, which isn’t that surprising when you consider his age. The question is, how long can the Yankees keep throwing him out there? His next start is Wednesday in a huge game with Seattle. If he doesn’t pitch well, they have to consider putting someone else in his spot.

4- Chris Britton made it out of AAA, this has to be a mistake right?

5- September callups for Kennedy, Veras and Gonzalez with Mientkiewicz activated. I am just confused as to why the Yankees chose to DFA Kevin Thompson and keep Bronson Sardinha. Sardinha may have more of an upside, he is four years younger, but Thompson could help this club now. He can steal bases and play great defense. He may never amount to more than a 4th or 5th outfielder, but that would be a nice thing on the bench for September in my mind.

6- Scranton made the AAA playoffs, so we won’t see some additional players for a bit, but I would bet that Karstens and DeSalvo will be brought back when they end and maybe, just maybe Kei Igawa. The Yankees need to see if Igawa can pitch in the bigs at all and a September blowout would be a good place to start.

26 games left, it should be a fun ride to the finish.