Day Off

The Red Sox enjoy a 7.5 game lead heading into Tuesday’s 3-game set in the Bronx.  Given the lead, this series isn’t quite what most would have hoped.  But from this Red Sox fan, it is nice to have a little breathing room at this time of year, even if it lessens the drama factor of playing the Yankees in New York.

With the September roster expansion approaching (and Pawtucket playing sub-.500 ball), we are likely to see a few call-ups:


Ellsbury, Lester (at Portland), Clayton (Royce), Buchholz, Breslow, Corey, Hansack, maybe George Kottaras, newly acquired Chris Carter, Brandon Moss.  That’s 10 guys and probably too many.  In fact, I think the Red Sox usually only promote 4-5 tops.  So to revise my list, I’ll go with Ellsbury, Lester, Clayton, Buchholz and Carter.

You read it here first.

Assuming Boston doesn’t do anything stupid, like overusing players, etc, they are setting themselves up nicely for a potential playoff run.  I realize the playoffs aren’t a guarantee, but they are in good shape.  In fact, has the Red Sox as follows this morning:

Red Sox:  % chance to win division – 97.7%, to win the WC – 2.2%, to miss playoffs – 0.2%  So based on this site which simulates the remaining schedule 1 million times to come up with their results, the Red Sox are in good shape.  Again, stanger things have happened…

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Terry Francona needs to rest players as much as possible and use his bullpen arms sparingly while at the same time making sure the team doesn’t lose any intensity.  Glad I don’t have his job.

Last note, nice run production from the team this weekend.  If Ortiz, Manny, Lowell and Drew can hit the ball like they did this weekend (well Manny and Drew weren’t great), the Red Sox have a chance to go a long way this year.  But "If’s" don’t win you anything.