Keep It In Perspective

It’s tough to remember as you go through the season, but I bet 16 games ago, you would be happy to have the Yankees where they are now. 9-7 though the tough 20-game stretch. This allows them to finish the stretch 2-2 and still come out over .500.

(Now, to be honest, 2-2 would leave me wanting more. I want a win tomorrow and a win in the Red Sox series, nothing less than that.)

The other thing to remember is that Seattle is going to start facing some very tough competition. Three@ LA, One@Cleveland, 3@Toronto and then the big one, 3@ the Stadium. And, when they finish that stretch they still have 11 games left with Cleveland, LA and Detroit.

So, despite the tough losses, bad play and general malaise I feel tonight, things are ok. Tomorrow morning we will wake up and the Yankees will either be 2 or 3 games out of the wild card. Not wonderful, but considering the whole picture, not terrible.


One last note, I am off on a family trip for the next week, but hopefully I will be able to check in with some updates along the way.

Don’t forget the “second” trading deadline is Friday, if Moose gets bombed, I would bet a veteran starter shows up courtesy of Brian Cashman.