A Welcome Weekend

You have to love the way the Yankees responded to losing three-straight and dropping the first game of the Tigers series. They rediscovered their bats and their starting pitching, while not spectacular, got the job done. Even better, the bullpen and the bench are becoming big strengths.

Don’t underestimate the pitching performances this weekend. Yes, Clemens and Wang struggled, but Detroit is a great offensive team. Six innings and three runs or less is something you will take every time when facing that offense. And, the bullpen was simply awesome. Mo looked great, same with (cough…cough) Farnsworth and Joba and Edwar are simply electric.

Add it all up and the first half of the 20-game crunch shows the Yankees have gone 7-3. Since 11 wins was the initial goal, things look good, but the degree fo dificulty is ramping up a lot. Three in Anaheim and then four in Detroit before three against Boston. So, a lot of potholes remain in the road, but this team looks ready for them.