Red Sox Trade Needs

The Red Sox played well in the first 2 months of 2007, but have played .500 ball since June 1st or so.  The reasons for their uninspired play are as follows:

  • Julio Lugo
  • Curt Schilling’s injury
  • Lack of production from Ortiz and Ramirez
  • J.D. Drew not playing up to expectations
  • No pop off the bench

I’m sure there are more reasons and the reasons I did list above aren’t weighted equally, they are just pieces to the .500 play puzzle.

Theo Epstein must be hoping beyond hope that Lugo has finally figured things out.  It certainly seems like he has and his confidence is on the upswing.  If Lugo can just hit .270/.340/.400 the rest of the way, he suddenly is not a problem anymore.

To me, the biggest issue is the starting rotation with Curt Schilling not a part of it right now and Julian Tavarez not pitching particularly well (even though people constantly rave about him on the radio).  Tavarez is a nice option, but he is easily figured out after one time through the order.

I titled this post "Trade Needs" but some of the trade deadline solutions might well be in Pawtucket.  Jon Lester seems like a logical upgrade to Tavarez as this point.  Of course there are probably many more things to consider when determining whether to promote Lester.  If Lester is not an option, then perhaps a trade is in order.  While there is Davern Hansack and David Pauley at AAA, I’m not sure turning to them is the right answer.

As for Ortiz and Ramirez, they have both shown life since the all-star break, but it is their combined lack of power that is most concerning.  Ortiz apparently has some right knee issues, but Ramirez has just looked off all season.  His timing is off and his stroke seems inconsistent.  Let’s hope the first half vacation is over for both.

Drew is a worry, but with both Drew and Lugo, you kind of had to expect a first year struggle.  Boston does that to some players as does New York.  The bright lights, big city atmosphere is generally a shock to new guys and it takes them a season to adapt.  Let’s hope that is true for these 2 otherwise that was about $100m poorly spent.

As for no pop off the bench, only teams with good records can complain about this.  Building a starting 9 is hard enough, but to enjoy power off the bench is generally a luxury.  Wily Mo Pena has proven that he has power, but he doesn’t display it in spotty appearances.  It would seem he is best suited as a starter.  With Ramirez, Crisp/Ellsbury and Drew in the OF, he really won’t see much time.  It’s too bad because I’d love to see him start 120+ games just to see if he is real or not.  He did hit 28 HRs for Cinci one year, so the power is there.

So there you have it, I just uncovered all of the Red Sox problems.  Checks payable to me can be sent easily and frequently thank you very much Red Sox management.

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