Trade “Dud”line?

Jon Heyman has a very interesting article on CNNSI today detailing the trade deadline machinations and theorizing that most trades won’t happen.  An eye-opening quote is that the Yankees were apparently told by a club out of contention that they wouldn’t trade middle relievers unless they were "blown away".  As Heyman points out, for a GM on a bad team to say that is nothing short of malpractice. 

But, if that is truly the state of things, the Yankees should look to selectively sell some assets.  Scott Proctor is cheap and durable, that should be worth a lot in this enviornment.  Farnsworth isn’t cheap or durable, but if the Yankees paid a hunk of his contract, I bet they could deal him.  Filling those spots with Britton and Ramirez would be my vote.  

Kenny Lofton was traded today which means the Texas fire sale may have begun and it should be interesting to see where it ends because they have a lot of players they could trade. 


Tonight will be very interesting with the conclusion of the suspended game before the scheduled game begins.  Jeter will be on 2nd with Matsui hitting and 2 outs in the 8th.  The Yankees have an 8-6 lead, but will need to get six outs to win and Luis Vizcaino has already been used.  Mike Myers is currently in the game for the Yankees and with Markakis leading off, I would expect him to face one batter at least.  The Baltimore pitcher, Chris Ray, is on the DL so the Orioles need to bring someone else in.  They have used Shuey and Parrish, so maybe we will see Bradford.  

Anyway you slice it, it should be fun to see.