We’ll Take It

Hey, 2 out of 3 in Boston is nothing to sniff at and while the Yankees leave 12.5 back, they at least gained some ground this weekend. They showed they can go toe-to-toe with the Red Sox, now the question is can they overcome an almost impossible deficit?
I don’t know, but the Yankees have almost half a season to figure things out. The Red Sox and Yankees won’t play again for 70+ games. And if the Yankees can play .100 percentage points better than Boston over that stretch, they will still be at least five games back of the Red Sox.
So, don’t expect a division crown coming in 2007 and I still think that means Clemens is a bad idea right now, but tonight should be a happy night, so we will leave that until later today (it’s already Monday.)

A Productive Loss

The Red Sox might have lost Friday night’s game, but they forced the Yankees to empty out their bullpen. I say they forced them, but what it was more like an overreaction.


Joe Torre, managing from the clubhouse walkway after being thrown out of the game earlier, had acting manager Don Mattingly use 6 relievers!


Myers – 0.1 IP
Bruney – 1.0 IP
Farnsworth – 1.0 IP
Proctor – 0.1 IP
Villone – 0.0 IP (2 pitches)
Rivera – 0.2 IP


What’s going on? Don’t the Yankees have a long reliever? Wang left with a 6 run lead in the 6th. The Red Sox got 2 more runs before eventually losing 9-5. So Torre thought he needed 6 relievers to hold the Red Sox for 2 runs.


When you get a 6 run lead, you bring in your long reliever/mop-up guy. For the Red Sox it is Kyle Snyder. Prior to tonight, Snyder had only pitched in 16 games. Because he had pitched 1.1 IP two nights prior, he only went 1 IP Friday. But he and only 3 other relievers covered 5.1 IP. The Yankees 6 relievers covered 3.1 IP.


My point is, Torre overreacted and used 6 relievers from a bullpen that is already on life support. That’s good news for Boston I would think.


Let’s hope for a better effort Saturday from the Red Sox.