1-0 Win

Sweet 1-0 win today by the Red Sox. It was nice to see a strong performance by the pitching staff, but the bats again went silent.

I got my wish with Alex Cora replacing Julio Lugo today, but Cora went 0-3. The man I want in the line-up, Dustin Pedroia, went 0-4 (granted he did go 5-5 Friday night). I’m willing to give this team some time to figure out their offensive woes, but Lugo, Crisp and a to a lesser extent Drew had better figure it out. Theo Epstein can fix one of those problems, but not all 3 with a trade.

Drew – Here to stay and will stay in the line-up no matter what because of his contract and because he is getting on base at an ok clip.
Lugo – Probably here to stay as his salary is too big. Whether he stays in the line-up or not remains to be seen.
Crisp – Because his contract is moveable and because Jacoby Ellsbury (a/k/a Johnny Damon Jr) is already holding his own at AAA(.296/.377/.373), Crisp could be sent packing and thus is the most likely to be shipped out of town before the trading deadline. Does anyone think if Ellsbury were promoted today and started in CF the rest of the way in 2007 he’d hit worse than .230? By the way, Crisp is hitting .230 with an OBP far below .300.