Terry, What Gives?

Ok, I have been a pretty big supporter of Terry Francona this year but he is driving me nuts with one particular thing.

Benching Pedroia instead of Lugo in favor of Cora. Seriously, while it is only the 5th inning (Wednesday night), Cora has made an error to lead off the game, which lead to an unearned run, and left 2 men on in only 2 at bats thus far.

Wow. Lugo has become, shall we say, the worst shortstop in all of baseball. I realize he might just be in a slump, but he has stunk for about 1 straight year now.

More later…

BTW, sorry if you received a ton of notifications about my posts. Our notification system was hoarding them and then within the past 2 days decided to send them out all at once. Again, sorry.

In the meantime, while the Red Sox get blown out, check out this video I stumbled upon. I don’t know, but for some reason, it struck a non-baseball chord.

Update: Well, the Red Sox got pounded by the Rockies. This is a big disappointment for me as the Red Sox are a better team than the Rockies and they are better than the way they’ve played this month.

BTW The Yankees won again tonight and the Red Sox lead has shrunk to 8.5 games.