West Coast Round-Up (Part I)

Well the Red Sox just finished a craptastic west coast swing going 3-4. It isn’t necessarily time to call for support, but it is worthy noting the Yankees have won 6 in a row. That’s a 3.5 game swing over 1 week. Don’t get snippy with me for mentioning it, it is part of this website after all.

Some things Terry Francona has been doing that have annoyed me:

1.) Using Alex Cora to spell Dustin Pedroia as much as Julio Lugo. Let’s check the stats here, Lugo is playing horribly while Pedroia has been good. Pedroia has been sitting more frequently than Lugo in favor of Cora. This isn’t something against Cora, but instead it is a complaint that Francona is not sitting Lugo more often in an effort to get playing time for Cora.

2.) Letting Wakefield get himself into and out of and then back into trouble over his past few starts. I was having this discussion this weekend about Wakefield. When he is good, he is great, but when he struggles, he makes it seem like he’s never registered an out in the majors. Wakefield just doesn’t have the touch some nights and I wish Francona would have the stones to yank him earlier than he generally does.

That’s really all I have to complain about at present. Francona has done a pretty good job this year (just check the record), so finding reason to complain is difficult.

Colorado mid-week and San Francisco over the weekend at Fenway.