Red Sox Draft Day – 2007

The 2007 MLB Entry Draft happens this Thursday in Orlando, FL. What makes this draft different than years past is that it will be televised on ESPN2. Stop the presses!


The bad news for Red Sox fans is that the Sox don’t have a 1st round pick. The Red Sox lost the 20th overall pick by signing free agent Julio Lugo (given his current performance, this hurts a bit). The Red Sox don’t actually pick until the 55th overall (a supplemental pick for losing Alex Gonzalez).


Here are their picks rounds 1-5:


174 has coverage of this event online. has Red Sox coverage.


While it isn’t likely we’ll see any of the players selected Thursday in a Boston uniform anytime soon, don’t forget that in a short few years, we might be talking about the replacements for JD Drew, Julio Lugo, Kevin Youkilis (free agent in 3 years), Josh Beckett, etc.


Also don’t forget that it was just 2005 when the Red Sox picked:


Jacoby Ellsbury 1 (23 overall)
Clay Buchholz 1s (45 overall)
Michael Bowden 1s (47 overall)


These 3 are at Pawtucket, Portland and Portland respectively and all might be helping the big club before the season is out.


In the meantime, the Red Sox (of Boston) have really stunk since arriving in Oakland. Their offense is not delivering in the clutch. Old friend Lenny DiNardo walked 6 Tuesday night and still got the win.


Players like Lugo, Crisp and Drew are entering an important phase. If they cannot fix whatever ails them, changes need to be made. That old idea that management spends the first 1/3 of the season evaluating the roster, the next 1/3 figuring out how to make adjustments and changes and the final 1/3 playing it out and making a playoff push, well for Boston, they have played the first 1/3 and now Theo Epstein must be snooping around looking for ways to make this team better. Is it a bad team? No, at least the record suggests it isn’t, but there are a few weak spots and Epstein and Co. hopefully have a few ideas as to how and fix them.


Boston has lost 3 in a row and while they are entitled to an occassional slump, it’d be nice to see this team click offensively.