Round 3

It seems like too much too soon what with the Red Sox and Yankees squaring off for the 3rd time already in 2007.


The drama here is that Boston is 10.5 games ahead of New York. This is unfamiliar territory for most Red Sox fans. People are pretty well divided on what to make of this. One the one hand, the Yankees will have to play some very good baseball the rest of the way and the Red Sox will have to play some average at best baseball for the gap to be closed whilst on the other hand, Boston does have a past history of coughing up such leads.


But is the lead really in jeopardy? Over the past few weeks I’ve heard many reasons for why the Yankees are scuffling:


– The Yankees are old – Jeter, Posada, Pettitte, Clemens, Mussina, Damon, the list goes on
– The Yankees lack any fire – Paul O’Neill, where are you?
– There’s no chemistry – ARod vs. Jeter
– The auro of the 90’s Yankees has been chipped away -loss at Arizona, 2004, etc
– The Yankees lack depth (catcher, utility IF, starters)
– George Steinbrenner is a shell of his former self. 10 years ago people would get fired
– Joe Torre and Brian Cashman have lost direction
– Injuries to the rotation – 11 starters so far


Whatever the reason or reasons, the Yankees are not playing well now. I’ll stop short of calling them bad, because the talent suggests otherwise.


But if I had to put my finger on one of the reason above, I think it has to be injuries. You can blame the strength and conditioning coach (former) for some, but how can he be held accountable for broken bones, mystery elbow ailments and an assortment of others? This team is snakebitten right now and its a good thing for Red Sox fans.


The Yankees do have their top 3 (Wang, Mussina and Pettitte) against Tim Wakefield, Julian Tavarez and Curt Schilling.


Game 1 tonight: Bronx, NY. 7:05pm start. Wang v. Wakefield