Caught Off Guard

The Red Sox looked flat tonight and their starter, Tim Wakefield, struggled for the 2nd time in 2 starts, not a good trend.


What was most frustrating was the amount of called strikes the Red Sox took. Lugo, Manny and Drew were in fact called out on strikes, looking.


I suppose the most encouraging thing was that Wang went 6.1 innings yet the Yankees still used 4 relievers. Mike Myers (22 – 51%), Brain Bruney (23 – 53%), Scott Proctor (24 – 56%) and Kyle Farnsworth (19 – 44%) have been used a ton this year. I included their total # of appearances and % of games in which each has appeared.


The Red Sox used relievers Romero (18 – 42% ), Pineiro (14 – 33%) and Delcarmen (1 – 2.3%). Hideki Okajima is their most used reliever with 20 appearances (47%).


If the Joe Torre keeps the bullpen usage at the level he has, many Yankee relievers will need new careers.