Series Win

I’ll take 2 of 3 in the Bronx. The Yankees are wounded and the Red Sox have taken advantage by taking 5 of 6 thus far in 2007. The Yankees will rebound and have proven they can make up 10 games in about 2 weeks time, so it was really important for Boston to kick them when they were (and are) down.


Hats off to Julian Tavarez, he didn’t pitch a gem, but he pitched 5 solid innings and kept Boston in the game. The bullpen, especially Hideki Okajima did a great job holding the win.


It was also nice to see 3 home runs from Boston. Alex Cora certainly has played well, but if you look at his career stats, there is no reason to believe he is taking over fulltime at second. Dustin Pedroia will get his at bats and deservedly so.


With the Red Sox playing well, it is tough for me to criticize Terry Francona. I initially had worried about Eric Hinske starting for J.D. Drew until NESN pointed out Drew was mired in a 1-21 slump and he does after all have a history of injuries.


Coco Crisp had a nice triple in the 3rd and appears to have recovered from his early season slump. Let’s hope this is a sign of things to come. Crisp also displayed a nice arm (I know, I sound drunk…which I am…bombed in fact…barely consciouxceeoey……………..whoops, fell asleep on the period) on a ball hit to the gap. His throw was low and hard, rather than his normal cream-puff offerings.


I’m happy Francona has limited his use of Joel Pineiro and J.C Romero. Oh wait, he has used them a ton! Pineiro has a good ERA so far, but has allowed 1.66 runners per inning and Romero is at 2.05 runners per inning! I suppose he has to do so as you can’t trot Brendan Donnelly, Okajima and Jonathan Papelbon out every game.


The bullpen has been solid, but I wonder how it would perform if the starters weren’t so solid.


Off-day Monday and then they host Oakland for 3.


Lastly, RIP former Red Sox Josh Hancock. Sad news.