Thorne-y Issue

Today’s Boston Globe (and susequently ESPN) ran a piece today on Curt Schilling and famous bloody sock of 2004.


Here is the quick and dirty: Last night during the broadcast Baltimore Orioles play-by-play guy Gary Thorne said that he had learned from Doug Mirabelli that what was thought to be blood on Schilling’s sock was actually paint, applied for "PR" purposes.


That is the skinny. Needless to say that didn’t go over well with Mirabelli who denied making such a claim and it also riled up both Terry Francona and Curt Schilling.


This is facsinating stuff. First off, Thorne, a former ESPN guy, said he actually talked with Mirabelli and Mirabelli told him it was just paint, for effect. Mirabelli responds by saying he doesn’t even know Thorne and that the mere mention of it not being blood is absurd.


Where do we go with this? It’s a he said, she said situation. As of this post, I haven’t read any further comments from Thorne (comments by him after Mirabelli, Schilling and Francona responded that is ), so that might clear up some of this issue.


My take? It was blood. Unless all current and former Red Sox that were part of the 2004 World Championship team got together and orchestraded this legend, I find Thorne’s comments baffling. First off, based on the Boston Globe account, Thorne is well liked and respected. I’ve never heard any bit of controversy tied to his name prior to this, so I’m not ready to label him a liar, but at the same time, where did he come up with this?


It’s almost as if Thorne expected it to be a throw-away comment that wouldn’t get pick up by the press. Of course it was going to get pounced on by the media and here we find ourselves. Thorne had nothing to gain from making the claim (except for temporary, uncomfortable heat from the media), while most observers and anyone close to the bloody sock situation says it was definitely blood, including current Oriole Kevin Millar.


Sock-Gate has started a 2nd time. Of course there are those that think it was a sham from day 1, the story has mostly settled down until last night.


What do you think, was it blood or paint?