Solid Weekend

Anytime you can sweep the Yankees, you have to be happy. But understand the Yankees are limping right now. They are missing just about their entire rotation and some key positional players.


Enjoy this, but don’t expect Yankee Stadium this weekend to be a cake-walk, nor can you expect some of the mid-season match-ups to go this well.


A few notes on Sunday’s game: I generally don’t have too much to criticize about how Terry Francona manages, but I thought he made a mistake bringing in Hideki Okajima in the 8th. Okajima got the save in Friday’s game, pitched well Saturday and then was brought in for a 3rd consecutive appearance Sunday and struggled. With the amount of arms available, Francona would have been better suited to J.C. Romero. Romero, as previously discussed, cannot seem to get out righties, but he is good against lefties. I believe Okajima was brought in to face Jason Giambi, a lefty. So why not rest Okajima and let Romero do this thing against Giambi, then Cano and then bring in Brendan Donnelly?


It turned out to be harmless, but if your starters are working into the 7th each night (so far), don’t lean too heavily on one guy, mix it up a bit.


A good example is the Yankees pen right now. Normally a solid group, but because their starting pitching is a mess, Joe Torre is absolutely abusing the pen. Consider this:


17 games played:


Proctor – 12 games – 114 game pace
Vizcaino – 11 games – 105 game pace
Myers – 10 games – 95 game pace
Bruney – 9 games – 86 game pace
Henn – 9 games – 86 game pace
Farnsworth – 8 games – 76 game pace


Obviously that can’t continue. If they Yankees don’t figure things out soon (see Peter’s post), there will be long term trouble in the pen. These guys will have dead-arm or worse by August.


This of course bodes well for Boston, but it is important that Francona not wear out the bullpen in a similar fashion, especially when there are so many options (none great perhaps, but options nonetheless). It is a marathon after all.


Tonight: Toronto at Boston: 7:05pm start. Old friend Tomo Ohka (0-2, 7.02 ERA) vs. Tim Wakefield (2-1, 1.35 ERA)