4 in a Row

The Red Sox did something that has only happened 5 times previously in Major League Baseball history, they hit 4 consective home runs, also known as back to back to back to back home runs.


My research on this matter consisted of a yahoo search where some blogger said it has happened 4 times prior to the Dodgers doing it in 2006. So take this with the usual grain(s) of salt.


Anyway, pretty impressive. Chase Wright seems like a good pitcher and probably doesn’t deserve such treatment, but if he has his head screwed on straight, this won’t impact his future much. This kid shut down the Red Sox for 2.2 innngs despite having never pitched above AA prior to this season. I bet we’ll hear more from him sooner than later.


Joe Torre took Wright out after the 3rd. I’m not sure why he did that after 3 instead of after the 4th home run. I’d have trotted the kid back out in the 4th to give him another taste. 4 home runs is bad, yes, but if you are going to yank the kid, yank him right away, don’t leave him to face Wily Mo Pena, whose talent is probably limited to the humongous long-ball. Hey, I realize managing a team in the Majors is tough and Torre has earned the right to his opinion, but I’d have sent him back out for the 4th.


Interesting notes: Former Red Sox farmhand Colter Bean (actually he was a rule 5 pick that was returned) was the replacement pitcher. Bean is huge, like he should probably lose a few lbs huge (that applies to me too, but again, I’m nothing close to an athlete. I suppose less weight would yield more productivity).


Also, Yankees catcher Wil Nieves, playing because Jose Posada is hurt, apparently jammed his thumb or finger on a Bean pitch and was momentarily headed for the trainers table, but recovered and continued on. ESPN’s Jon Miller said that "rookie" Josh Phelps was the emergency catcher. Rookie? Phelps is 29 and has played in 360 major league games since 2000 and has hit 58 career home runs.


More later.