Pre-Game Report and Some Feather Ruffling

In anticipation of the first Red Sox vs. Yankees game of 2007, I figured I’d encourage you to check out what is being said on the Yankees side of this site.


Peter is still basking in the glow of A-Rod’s game winning home run yesterday. No doubt the Yankees will be on a high at Fenway tonight. But the good news is the Red Sox also had a pretty good comeback win yesterday.




In my previous post, reader Matt pointed out that Jason Varitek has done very well against Andy Pettitte and that the Red Sox in general have faired nicely againsts him. Check out the comments section of my previous post to see the detailed stats. They have beat Pettitte up in the past.


To help create more excitement, I figured I’d link to some famous Red Sox/Yankees moments:


The A-Rod slap


Bucky "F-In" Dent – as he’s known in these parts


Don Zimmer vs. Pedro – something I wish never happened


The Babe Ruth Trade – we don’t hear as much about this anymore for some reason


A-Rod vs. Varitek – Red Sox fan perspective


A-Rod vs. Varitek – Yankees fan perspective: "Wait, let me take off my mask before we fight! Keep waiting, almost done."


And of course, 2004.


I hope I stirred the pot a bit, all in good fun.


I like the Red Sox chances this weekend. Then again, I liked their chances last year in the 5-game series at Fenway. Ahem.