The Empire Strikes Back

Well, that was a gutty performance by Pettite tonight. Not only did he almost pitch a complete game shut out, but he pitched the equivalent of a worry free game for the Yankees. I hope tonight was not his final start in pinstripes. They should resign him immediately. Come to think of it, Wells and Pettite would be a good place to start the Yankees’ 2004 planning.

Back to 2003, Pettite was brillant. the hitting was good and the 3-0 1st inning lead allowed everyone to relax. A couple of notes from tonight’s game:

Rivera was safe at third base. Either way, he should be playing RF every game in 2004

Juan Pierre’s speed is a big topic for the guys at FOX. Personally, I haven’t seen a worse arm in Center Field in awhile. Bernie is always condemmed for his lack of arm strength, but Pierre is pathetic. Bill James once said that guys who can’t run, but can throw, play RF. Guys who can run and throw play CF and guys who can run, but can’t throw play LF. Well, under that criteria, Pierre belongs in LF. Problem is, the Marlins are trying to get by with a 20 year old in the OF where he isn’t comfortable. When Giambi can go from first to third on a hard hit to Center, you know there is a defensive problem.

Again, please resign Pettite.

Boone makes the average play look harder than it is and the hard play look easier.

Matsui isn’t flashy, but he gets it done.

Soriano has taken pitches the last two nights and been called out on borderline strikes. That is irony.

Tim McCarver made a big deal of Pudge throwing out Posada tonight. Last night he lamented about how slow Posada is on the bases. So, why is it a big deal to throw him out at 2b?

More tomorrow…..