Quite a Hangover

Well, I was very wrong on most things and last night’s game was suprisingly well played considering what the two teams had gone through. A couple of note and points and a response to the opposite side of this website

Boone sure went from hero to goat quickly. Bad play cutting off that throw allowing the 3rd Marlin run to score and what a terrible attempt at a sac bunt in the 9th. I can’t remember a worse attempt.

The Yankees continue to struggle in clutch hitting situations. This does not bode well for the future.

D Train really made me look dumb.

Wells pitched a hell of a game. I know he causes a lot of trouble and he is one back injury away from calling it quits, but when the game is on the line, he steps up. Those were seven big innings last night. In fact, that loss went about as well as it could for the Yankees, they used only three pitchers and gave Rivera the night off.

Nice to see Billy Crystal turn to Robin Williams and tell him to get off his cellphone so he can watch the game. While we are at it, couldn’t we ban cellphones from the ballpark. Is there anything dummer than watching people behind home plate on their cellphones waving to whoever they are talking to? Get a life.

Interesting point by Andy about the anti-Boston sentiment that was in Yankee Stadium last night. It doesn’t suprise me considering the depth of hatred on both sides of this rivalry and the past few games. The difference, in my mind, is that the Anti-Boston sentiment will fade quickly in Yankee Stadium while the anti-Yankee sentiment will only grow this Winter in Boston. Look out when these two teams play each other in 2004 at Fenway.

As for Mr. Giambi, I think he was rooting for the team that had his son on their playoff roster. Not that I blame the Red Sox for leaving Jeremy off, but something tells me a loyal Father might.

Pettite needs to step up and pitch tonight. Yankees really don’t want to be down 0-2 with Beckett going for the Marlins in Game 3.