Well, Aaron Boone hit the biggest Yankee HR since Chris Chambliss back in 1976. This is a high I am not sure I will come down from anytime soon. But, we have 4 more wins to get. So, let’s look at some things we need to consider as we approach World Series Game 1 on Saturday Night.

1- Clemens 3IP, Mussina 3IP, Wells 1IP, Rivera 3IP, who is going to start game 1?? Pettite could do it on 3 days rest, but who else is available?

2- Giambi rose to the challenge. 2hr in game 7, you have to say he came to play.

3- Brian Cashman has to be sleeping well tonight. Boone just made that deadline trade payoff tenfold.

4- Rivera is soooooooo awesome

5- Grady and Torre suffered from the same lack of faith in the bullpen. If Grady felt good about his pen, no way Pedro starts the 8th.

6- I still don’t like Clemens,

Well, best thing the Yankees can do right now is pray for rain. Otherwise, I think Contreras starts game 1…….