The Day After

I just figured out why this win meant so much to me. I can’t really take credit for it, I needed to read the NY Daily News story on Don Zimmer to get it. For those of you who didn’t see it, Zimmer said last night that he is quitting after the Series because he is sick of Steinbrenner’s treatment of him. I admit, at first I was somewhat upset with Zimmer. Why did he have to pick this moment to pick another fight with George? But, then as I thought about it, I realized how right he was. Put simply, this season hasn’t been fun. Every media outlet talks about how the Yankees should win. The Diamondbacks and Angels won World Championships and it was almost as if a mistake had happened. Certainly, George Steinbrenner felt that way. He berated and beat on everyone over the mistakes the Yankees had made. Expectations became so high, that winning anything but the World Series seemed trivial. I remember watching the Red Sox when they clinched their Wild Card berth and being jealous at the pure joy of that moment. We had just won the division, but it didn’t seem to be a big deal. Same thing with the Twins, yeah we won, we beat up on the underdogs.

Well, last night was different. I honestly didn’t think we would win. I thought Clemens would be too emotional to pitch well and I expected Pedro to be Pedro. But then something happened. I still don’t know if Mystique and Aura are topless dancers like Curt Schilling said, or if they really exist, but I swear I felt some magic in the air last night. I know I saw it on the TV. And, suddenly, I was six years old again watching Greg Nettles make play after play at third base, basking in the pure joy of childhood. I probably have watched Boone’s HR twenty times today and I think I might watch it one hundred more. That moment brought the joy back. Thanks, Aaron.