Shuffling the Deck

Well, Game 7 is almost here and I am sure it will be quite a game. I predict one of the two starters to get shelled, the other team to come back and then a tight, one run game, the rest of the way. Anyway, nice to see Torre making a big move pregame. According to early reports, he has dropped Giambi to 7th in the lineup. So, tonight’s lineup looks like this:


While I don’t like the addition of Wilson, I think his Pedro #’s are over rated, Johnson #2 and Jeter #3 are great moves. Johnson is an on base machine and will allow Soriano to run more. Also, Torre has now completely divided the lineup between lefties and righties, making late inning bullpen matchups even harder. Even when Boone gets in, he will still have a righty between two lefties. Torre’s willingness to do this shows that he understands the stakes of this game. Put simply, this could be the last game he manages the Yankees. As stupid as it seems, I think Steinbrenner will clean house if “his champions” don’t win this one.